Friday, 17 September 2010

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

OF ALL the wrestlers to get their own comics in Japan, the most surprising in my mind would be Tiger Mask IV. Sure, he's the fourth guy to wear the famous Tiger Mask get-up, but he was only working for minor promotion Michinoku Pro. He's no Bruiser Brody or Antonio Inoki, right?

Still, thanks to my good friend Mister J, that's what I acquired a few years back: the first manga collection of the adventures of Tiger Mask IV (c.1996). The book also guest stars Michinoku founder The Great Sasuke.

Nice manga art...didn't understand a word of it...didn't fully understand what the hell was going on. Yep, it's a typical Jap wrestling comic. :)

But...y'know...Tiger Mask IV? Jeeeeez, who's next? Tarzan Goto? Kendo Ka Shin? Yikes.

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