Friday, 17 September 2010

A coupla recent wrestling references...

...which I found while reading random comics in the past two days. First up, it's Thunderbolts #139 (February 2010). This was during Marvel's "Dark Reign" period. Norman Osborn introduces a new member of the covert assassin squad known as Thunderbolts. His name is The Grizzly and his file states he's a former wrestler. So...there you go.

Next, there's Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock #2 (Image, 2010), a decidedly ordinary yarn written by Rob Zombie. In the above panel, the washed-up dude formerly known as TV horror host Baron Von Shock talks to his sleazy manager who, strangely enough, uses some wrestling terminology. Hmmm...maybe Mr Zombie was channelling his equally mediocre wrestling-themed comic The Nail from a few years back.

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