Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Headlocked: A three-word review

IT'S worth getting.

The Hangman

Johnathan from the always-entertaining http://livingbetweenwednesdays.com/ posted an entry on April 18, Justify Your Existence: Batman Villain Edition, about various lame Batman villains from the 50s and 60s. This entry on The Hangman caught my eye:

"The Hangman made an appearance in Detective Comics No 355 as a wrestler who was undefeated and whose identity was unknown and had promised to reveal his identity if he was ever beaten in a fight.

"And then, the Hangman starts showing up all aroung Gotham - every time that Batman investigates a crime scene, the Hangman is nearby, running away or loitering suspiciously, and of course they fight and Hangman keeps beating Batman with his awesome wrestling moves and then keeps trying to take unconcious Batman’s mask off. Why all the strange behaviour, Hangman? (below)

"Augh! That’s a terrible reason to roam the city staging crimes (it turns out that he was staging the crimes, by the way) and picking fights with a super-hero!
The Hangman turns out to be Telman Davies, a TV newsman who has a secret life as a masked wrestler, just as they often do in real life. Remember the wrestling subplots on Murphy Brown? Classic."
Awesomely crap. Only in DC.