Friday, 12 October 2007

Don't tell me there's no lucha libre influence going on here!

IT ALL happens in Batman #669. Anyone care to enlighten me about this dude?

REVIEW: Headlocked: Work Of Art #1

MIKE HARTMANN is a college student who wants to be an actor when he unexpectedly gets hooked on the world of pro wrestling.
Unlike his fellow students, teachers, friends and disapproving mother, Mike sees rasslin’ as another way to express himself as an artist, especially after he attends a WFW supercard with the main event of Madman Mohammed Farouk vs world champ “Golden” Brian Boulder. The drama, spectacle, athletic action and compelling storyline affects him like smack to a junkie.

He studies the pseudo-sport closely and eventually determines he wants to train to be a wrestler.

With little understanding of what to do but obsessed with pursuing his unlikely dream, Mike the “mark” follows a WSW wrestler called Killer Creegan after a show. After an initial awkward introduction, Creegan warms to Mike and decides to smarten him to the business. Mike takes the advice on board – particularly the need to bulk up and train.

The first issue ends with Mike boarding a bus to Philadelphia to attend a wrestling school.

I’d have to say this is an intriguing debut issue. The 48-page comic is entertainingly written by Michael Kingston – a guy who clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the wrestling biz – and nicely drawn by Randy Valiente.
Headlocked features strong characters and, best of all, a non-condescending and realistic view of the world of rasslin’.

Wrestling fans really need to check this one out.

Headlocked: Work Of Art #1 is published by Visionary Comics ( and Markosia Enterprises ( and goes on sale October 19.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I saw this on eBay recently…

MARVEL published a four-issue miniseries (Dec. 1992-Mar. 1993) starring the far-less-entertaining Death’s Head II (as opposed to the far-more-funny-and-entertaining Death’s Head I).
It was titled Battle Tide and also starred some Rob Liefeld rip-off called Killpower and Wolverine (who was starring in just about every comic back in the early 90s).
Battle Tide looks like the typical ultra-violent, overblown, badly drawn, all-action, no-plot comic that companies such as Marvel and Image were putting out during this intellectually and artistically barren period.
Thanks a lot, Liefeld & co., you untalented fucks.
Anyhoo, the only reason why I’m listing these shitty comics here is due to the coverline: “TAG TEAM WRESTLING - INTERGALACTIC STYLE!”
Now, I’m not sure whether there’s any ACTUAL wrestling in Battle Tide.
And I don’t plan to waste my life trying to find out.
But for the sake of completeness, I’m listing the damn thing.

Panto's Santo

I NOTICED this piece of custom art for sale at

Nice one, Gazza.