Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Marks and Marksman

I RECENTLY bought 100 comics cheap off eBay and gave most of them away to BP readers. But there were 27 that caught my eye, so I decided to keep them. One of the titles was The Marksman #2 (Hero Comics, 1987). Now, the main feature is a pretty ordinary superhero yarn, but it was the back-up story (writer: Denis Mallonee/pencis: Walt Davis/inks: Dell Barras) that made up my mind to keep this comic.

Marksman supporting character Rose flies solo in "The Return Of Doctor Death" where a Haitian witch doctor controls a masked grappler as he fights in the squared circle. It's actually a fairly pedestrian eight-page tale, but the wrestling side of it (and its relaxed attitude towards the real vs fake debate - together with the way it touches on the drugs-in-wrestling issue) isn't too shabby. All in all, I give this comic a C+ (on the wrestling comic scale).

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nuclear suplex!

NIXON'S PALS: looks good. I just ordered it from Lone Star. Read all about this "old" graphic novel and more - including Chris Burnham's ultra-cool-looking new GN, Officer Downe - at http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/05/10/officer-downe-joe-casey-chris-burnham.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wrestling-related question from the above interview:

CA: You worked with Joe Casey before on a graphic novel called Nixon's Pals (which was also gloriously ultraviolent, what with all the nuclear suplexes) about a guy who worked as a bail bondsman for super-villains. Is there any connection between the two?

Burnham: Not REALLY. There are a couple of Nixon's Pals characters that make cameos in Officer Downe, but unless you've read Nixon five times, you're probably not going to notice. They're really more about keeping me amused than serving any sort of narrative purpose. You definitely don't have to have read Nixon's Pals to understand what's going on.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

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I'll write more about it later, but it looks pretty cool.

Superman vs Rocca!