Monday, 30 July 2007

Google me pink!

TYPE in “wrestling comics” in Google and before you hit a bunch of kinky sex web sites and eBay auctions for Marvel’s shitty early 90s WCW comics, you’ll find the following sites of interest:

Thunder Girls isn’t just beefy babes wrestling each other for the DVD viewing pleasure of hundreds of lonely, middle-aged men. It’s also a line of wrestling comics starring the likes of Cheryl Rusa, Hollywood and Lady Victoria.

There are four Thunder Girls comix for sale at this site…if you’re interested in that sorta thing. Which I’m not. Um…sorta.

You can buy even more of these overpriced mags – like “Hair, Ref!” at the above site.

Mmeh…maybe you should just jump straight to the kinky sex web sites, eh?

“Steel Pulse” rocks!

IT IS one of the greatest wrestling comics ever produced and you can now order it directly from

And I’m not just plugging it again ’cos creator T. Motley runs one of my quotes from BP on the site. Well, maybe a little… :D

“Headlocked” is coming

I wrote about Headlocked ages ago in BP. It now seems the comic WILL finally be published by Markosia Enterprises (never heard of them, but anyway…).

The June 13 Wrestling Observer had the following news item:

“Reader/correspondent Michael Kingston has gotten a publishing deal for a pro wrestling themed comic book, with the star going through the seedy underbelly of wrestling. The series debuts in October with Headlocked: The Work of Art.”

The full story is at

Mamma mia! It's Italian wrestling

I DON’T know much about this mag or even if it features any wrestling comics (or “fumetti” as the Italians like to call them). Wrestlers (Wrestling Comics Magazine) is put out by WLF Publishing, for 2.90 Euros. There’s a site that talks about the mag at I contacted them to see if I can order a copy, but I don’t hold out much hope of success.

Does anyone know anything about Wrestlers? I assume it came out to coincide with the recent WWE-led wrestling boom in Italy.

Someone wanna send me a copy or two so I can find out for sure?

“Sledge Hammer!”

I WAS never a fan of the TV series Sledge Hammer! , but I was intrigued to read this article ( about the very short-lived Marvel spin-off comic of the same name from the mid-80s.

In a nutshell, the show’s “humour” didn’t translate well to the four-coloured world.

However, of greater interest to me is the slight wrestling connection in Sledge Hammer! #2, as seen in the following panel.

Here’s what the article has to say:

“The second issue, ‘Illegal Weapons’, starts with Spider-Man breaking into some woman’s apartment and starting a wrestling fight!

“There’s even a wrestling match on the TV in the background that just so happens to be commenting on moves that match up exactly with what is happening in the apartment!

“The fight gets out of control and the woman lunges for Spider-Man only to go flying off her balcony to fall to her death below. What I love about this is that the people in other apartments are cracking jokes as they see this woman falling to splatter on the pavement beneath them.”

Of course, it’s not the REAL Spider-Man, but frankly I don’t care – I just wanted to mention the rasslin’ reference.

“Desperate Dan” in “The Dandy”

ENGLISH children’s comic The Dandy has been published by DC Thomson & Co. for decades and one of its longest-running regular strips is Desperate Dan.

In No. 2665 (Dec. 19, 1992), Dan is shaving when he’s challenged by Harold The Hairy to a wrestling match.

“The guy’s ravin’ mad,” says Dan, but he takes him on anywhere and beats the crap out of him. Pretty basic kids’ stuff in this two-pager.

I found this ish in Elizabeth’s Bookstore in Sydney.

"The Joint" in "Phatsville Comix" #11

THIS scatalogically inclined Aussie indy comic has a wrestling link with The Joint, a comix jam featuring "Phatsville's Phinest" (John Stewart, Ben Cee, Brett Weekes, Will Kelly, Giles and Corey Warren).
The six-page yarn starts off with "the most amazing wrestling match in Phatsville history" courtesy of the Wide World of Wrestling Fuckwits: The Muscle-Bound Beauty vs Logan The Bionic Bogan.
However, the two combatants immediately fall in lust with each other and head home to pull cones and do naughty things together.
However, their horizontal shenanigans lead to tragedy when Beauty's powerful vagina accidentally rips off Logan's penis. Despite his demise, his cock runs off shouting, "Ah yes, freedom at last!"
Sadly, his freedom is short-lived as he's beaten, raped and murdered by Scro & Tum, Phatsivlle's Teste Warriors in true Mike Diana gross-out style.
Um...yeah, as you can see the storyline degenerates from stupid to really stupid at this point.
Still, there's a wrestling connection at the start of the tale, so it gets a guernsey in this blog.

To order Phatsville #11, e-mail It cost me AUD$5 from Kings Comics in Sydney.

Slamwich in “Deep Fried: Suicide Note” #2

HE LOOKS like a wrestler, but is he a wrestler? That was the question I put to Deep Fried creator Jason Youngbluth.

I wrote and asked, “Is Slamwich a wrestling-themed character? This info is vitally important to me and I need to know NOW!!! Er…please.”

His reply? “Slamwich is not a wrestler per se. I just thought he looked good as a luchador.”

Okaaaaay then.

If you want Jason’s filthy, totally non-PC but hilarious Deep Fried: Suicide Note #2 – featuring The Death Of Beepo The Clown (and a preview of Weapon Brown: Blockhead’s War) e-mail him at, go to his web site at or write to Death Ray Media, PO Box 10446, Rochester, NY, 14610, USA. Tell him Dann the Mann sent ya! The ish is 32 A5 B&W pages and a BARGAIN at US$3!

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Krushki of “The Exiles”

TEMPTATION got the better of me today and I finally bought that second-hand copy of The Essential Super-Villain Team-Up Vol. 1 I’d seen sitting in Elizabeth’s bookstore for several weeks.

Hey, 400+ B&W pages of classic 1970s bombastic action starring Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, The Champions, The Avengers and the Sub-Mariner for only $16 was too good a deal to pass up. Plus I was a big fan of the short-lived title as a kid. The first 40 pages is even illustrated by the supremely talented Wally Wood! Bargain!

But who knew they’d be an extra bonus hidden in the tale reprinted from Astonishing Tales #4-5? Seems the Red Skull wants to conquer Latveria while its despotic ruler Doc Doom is chillin’ in some rich resort (in full armour, no less). He makes use of his old Axis allies the Exiles (first seen in Captain America #102, June 1968), one of them being the imaginatively named Krushki (what a Russian is doing hanging with a Nazi is beyond me, but…well, I don’t write the comics, I just read ’em). Krushki is – surprise, surprise – a “skilled wrestler” who favours the bear hug when putting the hurt on people.

Whether he has a pro or amateur background isn’t clarified, but I’ll assume he learned his trade from the Ivan Koloff School Of Professional Wrestling Heeldom.

Naturally, he and his motley colleagues (including some poor sap who uses a curtain as his weapon of choice) get royally fucked up by Doom who, let’s face it, is one pretty powerful dude.

So Doom beats up the Exiles AND the Red Skull and sends ’em packing. Great stuff (even if the last half of the yarn is illustrated by George Tuska, a cartooning jobber if ever I saw one).

And speaking of “Super-Villain Team-Up”…

I BOUGHT the first issue of the new five-part miniseries MODOK’s 11 – an Ocean’s 11-style rip off starring A.I.M.’s favourite big-headed megalomaniac genius. Seems MODOK’s recruiting some minor villains to help him in some super-heist and one of the guys he pulls in is the awesome rassler Armadillo (who’ve I’ve written about in the past in BP).

He’s introduced in this issue in a spectacular two-page spread wrestling El Chupacabra (whose costume resembles Ultimo Dragon somewhat) somewhere in Mexico. It’s nice to see the big guy back in Marvel continuity, especially now that he’s broadened his ring style to include lucha libre. You’d never see Kane or Kevin Nash doing that. Clearly, the man’s talented – even though he is a super-villain. And he has the best finishing move ever!

I’ll be following this title closely, particularly if we get to see more in-the-ring action from the Armadillo.

Friday, 13 July 2007

PREVIEW: Lucha Libre

FROM the pages of the briefly revived Metal Hurlant magazine comes Lucha Libre (from Image in September). Jerry Frissen, Bill, Witko and Tanquerelle explore the world of some down-and-out Mexican wrestlers in this cool anthology which, I understand, is based on a toy line. I WANT ME SOME OF THEM TOYS!!! (hint hint). Find out more about Lucha Libre at

Wednesday, 11 July 2007


I LOVE Jesse Justice’s lucha-themed art on Champions Of Justice (, but it doesn’t look like he’s ever done an actual comic.
He’s clearly connected with the lads (and lasses) who used to put together From Parts Unknown – his artwork’s been published in past issues of the zine. Does this guy do comix as well? I hope so.


I JUST ordered this comic from, so I don't have many details at this stage until it arrives. According to its description, Rabid is a British superhero comic with some wrestling in it. The creators are Scott Claringbold and Marc Olivent. It's 24 B&W pages, A4 format.
Here's the description off the web site:

"I quite enjoyed this dose of mayhem. If you like stories with loads of action, a healthy dose of bounty hunters and mutants, with a pinch of wrestling, then this comic is definitely for you. If not, then still buy it anyway, as Marc's artwork is a real treat."

A proper review on this comic soon, I hope.