Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Two new graphic novels to keep an eye on...

'Whoa Nellie!' by Jaime Hernandez

COURTESY of my newest best friend Bob (including his comments):
Love And Rockets Volume 16: Whoa Nellie!: "Again, I have the original issues, but in this case I might buy it anyway just to have probably the best wrestling comic ever produced in English on a prominent bookshelf. This story dates to the early to mid-90s, too, so if it isn't a reprint the collection is long overdue."

Holy Terror: "Trying to cash in on my desire to see a conclusion to this cancelled series, they tacked it onto a reprint of the two issues I've already bought. Damn. I want to support wrestling comics but I hate being forced to buy a trade just to see the last 16 to 20 pages of a fairly weak story. I'm undecided. Not a bad deal if I didn't have the first two already, though." https://www.mailordercomics.com/prodDetail.asp?PID=218330

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