Monday, 3 December 2007

More from Bob...

"IF YOU'RE watching for rarities, there are some others I know of that probably never made it far outside my geographic area.
Back in 1991 or so there was a short-live confederation of friends in Oklahoma City who got together and published a bunch of comics under the name Rough Cut Press (might've been spelt with a K).
Wrestling was a theme of several of their anthology entries - I particularly remember a noir detective/masked wrestler series, similar to the back-up story in Steel Pulse.
I met those guys at a comic-convention back then and bought just about every copy of everything they had, but my collection (and I) saw hard times in the following years and I lost all but one unrelated pin-up issue.
I've been watching auctions and online shops in recent years, but they haven't popped up.

I'll send you scans if I do come upon any of those. But knowing they're out there, you might find it first."

Or maybe one of my readers can help me out here........?

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