Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lucha libre goodness!

I RECENTLY hit the mother lode in lucha libre comicy goodness on eBay. From a Mexican dealer I picked up four ooooold mini-comics (smaller than A5 format) for a reasonable price.
Now, I can't speak a word of Spanish, but these were all kinda fun.

First up was a battered copy of Sensacional De Luchas A Color #183 from May 5, 1989 starring motherfucking Canek! This is one weird-ass comic. The first part is real Benny Hill-style low-brow humour. Canek beats up some dude in the ring while a blonde rat gets the ringside fans hot and bothered 'cos she's wearing a tiny skirt that barely covers her huge butt. Later, she and Canek hook up in his apartment.

Now, it seems the rat is also banging a psycho boxing champ. He likes to beat up chicks - and she seems to just take it (yay for Mexican feminism).

Eventually, the champ challenges Canek to a boxer vs wrestler match. Canek refuses for some reason, so the psycho beats up the rat again, then beats up Canek's little friend Pepe.

Canek snaps, accepts the challenge, then beats the holy shit out of psycho boxing champ. The end.

Nice art - even though anyone who bleeds is drawn as if they've poured half a bottle of tomato sauce up their nose.

I also scored three issues of Patadas Voladoras from July/August 1988. Very cartoony art and real simple storylines (with only 1-2 panels per page). Issue #6 (above) sees a bloke with a chicken mask take on a Mafia boss and also dispatches a ring-in wearing his mask. #10 is about a big, slow kid who runs away from his abusive home and becomes a masked champion. #11 is about two drunks who decide to score some easy drinking money by entering the squared circle...only it isn't as easy as it looks.

Of further quirky interest, the back cover of each issue features an ad for Perro Aguayo comic, which I need to track down at some point.

FROM the same dealer, I also bought a coupla recent lucha libre magazines. Why? 'Cos I love looking at pix of Mexican masked wrestlers...even if I can't understand a word what's written.
Both mags had some hidden gems. The August 2008 DosDeTres featured a two-page spread of lucha-themed panel gags (like the one above) by Antonio Garci. I'm sure they're hilarious in English.

Better still was the September 2008 issue of Record Luchas Mensual, which featured a four-page comic strip of Atlantis vs Blue Panther. All right! Story by Candelario Andrade and art by Daniel Perez.
There's quite a few lucha libre comics (or wrestling mags featuring lucha libre strips) on eBay at reasonable prices. I suggest you go check them out.

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