Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Blue Beetle battlers

MY FAVOURITE comic blog Living Between Wednesdays has just run a feature on the less-than-successful career of DC supervillain Hellhound (basically, several guys wearing his costume have died ignoble deaths). Anyway, here's the info related to the above picture that caught my eye:

"And then this guy’s cousin and some dog-looking guy showed up in Blue Beetle...Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of a title fight either. Evidently, it’s what happens when a super-villain kicks off and two or more guys want to fill his shoes for some reason. This is now imprinted on my brain - every time some R-grade bad guy gets shot in the head I’m going to picture seven guys meeting up outside of a bar in Toledo, all wearing their best Crazy Quilt or Planet Master outfits."

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