Thursday, 18 February 2010

Savage Combat Tales (1975)

FROM The Atlas Archives comes info on an obscure pro-wrestling reference in this short-lived 1975 series from Atlas/Seaboard:

Savage Combat Tales
This features Sgt. Ben Stryker and his Death Squad. Rescuing his band of war-hardened combat-happy commandos from certain death, Stryker assembles his group made up of unhappy US Army prisoners Lee Shigeta, judo expert (and of Asian origin); Duke Ripley, circus acrobat; Turk Ankrum, behemoth pro wrestler, and Ice Marko, gangster (and of course, his last name ends in a vowel). They start out as jailbirds and end up as heroes. By issue #3, the convicts get pardoned for their heroic exploits and wonder how they'll spend the rest of the war in retirement. Unfortunately, these Archie Goodwin written tales end with #3.

Naturally, I've ordered a cheap copy of Savage Combat Tales # 1 (February 1975) from my good mates at Lone Star.

A review will be forthcoming.

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