Saturday, 9 August 2008

Etta Candy in Wonder Woman

WE'RE talking about the Golden Age Etta Candy here. The tubby lil' sidekick who said, "Woo! Woo!" a lot.

Anyways, in Thompson & Lupoff's The Comic-Book Book, there's an essay on Wonder Woman - "Of (Super) Human Bondage" - in which author and WW fan Juanita Coulson writes this curious passage:

"Etta Candy started as a six-foot lady wrestler. But perhaps that scene and others bothered [WW creator William Moulton Marston], because Etta rapidly lost a foot of height and turned into an unmenacing pudgy little [character]...forever eating and screeching, 'Woo! Woo!'"

So there you have yet another tenuous wrestling-and-comics link.

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