Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ayre farce

IT’LL never appear or, if it does, it’ll disappear without a trace – a lot like BodogFIGHT itself – but ex-Bodog boss and billionaire Calvin Ayre will supposedly star in a new graphic novel called Ayre Force.
It’s a tenuous link for this blog – but MMA’s an offshoot of pro wrestling and, besides, Ayre Force features three of my fave things: MMA fighters, tattooed rocker Bif Naked and sexy-as poker player Evelyn Ng.
MMA athlete Tara Larosa...
...indy rocker Bif Naked... pro poker player Evelyn Ng
They are part of a covert ops unit involved in a war with evil corporation Wintercorp, led by the sinister Janus Winter.
Ayre’s got some reasonably heavy hitters on board to produce Ayre Force including writers Adam Slutsky (Maxim, Bluff) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (Batman) and artist Shawn Martinbrough (Batman: Detective Comics, World War Hulk: Frontline).
For all the bullshit hype, more art and info, head to
And for a more critical look at Ayre, check out this article.

Calvin.......oooooooh, he's so tough