Sunday, 25 November 2007

Not that there's anything wrong with that

CONFIRMING the connection between rasslin’ and homo-eroticism comes Pinned Vol. 1, which I discovered on eBay.

The graphic novel, published by Yaoi Press LLC, is Japanese manga, which is pretty gay at the best of times, I reckon.

Here’s the storyline according to the eBay auction: “Cruiserweight wrestler Synn learns he was only recruited by a top wrestling promotion because the reigning champion Renegade desires him. If the ambitious Synn wants his career to be successful he has to submit to Renegade. Will he give in? Or will he be blacklisted with every wrestling promotion stateside?”

Okaaaaaaay…don’t think I’ll bid for that one, somehow.

FURTHERING the link between sweaty man-on-man action and homosexuality comes Pro Wrestling Is Not Gay. Steev Gillies’ A5 comic zine uses clip art from a lucha libre instruction booklet to explain, definitively, why pro wrestling ISN’T gay. Yeah, right.

He follows that up with Pro Wrestling Was Never Gay, using more clip art (some historical) to show why the grap game has always been a manly, heterosexual pastime and never, ever gay.

It’s funny stuff, so if you wanna check it out, e-mail Steev at or


Mantic said...

I Googled Pinned (seems it's everywhere, but got under my radar since I'm not checking Yaoi Press in the Diamond catalogue regularly) and it turns out that despite the yaoi label this is a completely American comic. Weird. Reviews on claim that there is only one hardcore rape scene, so it's apparently "tame" compared to the Eastern variety ;P Yeah, I remember when WWe did that on Smackdown!... no big thing.

One reviewer also called this comic "Hitchcockian."


So anyway, those Steev Gillies strips are publicly available on .Good stuff there, and I must agree... pro wrestling is so totally not gay. Just ask the Ultimate Warrior!

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