Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I saw this on eBay recently…

MARVEL published a four-issue miniseries (Dec. 1992-Mar. 1993) starring the far-less-entertaining Death’s Head II (as opposed to the far-more-funny-and-entertaining Death’s Head I).
It was titled Battle Tide and also starred some Rob Liefeld rip-off called Killpower and Wolverine (who was starring in just about every comic back in the early 90s).
Battle Tide looks like the typical ultra-violent, overblown, badly drawn, all-action, no-plot comic that companies such as Marvel and Image were putting out during this intellectually and artistically barren period.
Thanks a lot, Liefeld & co., you untalented fucks.
Anyhoo, the only reason why I’m listing these shitty comics here is due to the coverline: “TAG TEAM WRESTLING - INTERGALACTIC STYLE!”
Now, I’m not sure whether there’s any ACTUAL wrestling in Battle Tide.
And I don’t plan to waste my life trying to find out.
But for the sake of completeness, I’m listing the damn thing.

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