Monday, 30 July 2007

“Sledge Hammer!”

I WAS never a fan of the TV series Sledge Hammer! , but I was intrigued to read this article ( about the very short-lived Marvel spin-off comic of the same name from the mid-80s.

In a nutshell, the show’s “humour” didn’t translate well to the four-coloured world.

However, of greater interest to me is the slight wrestling connection in Sledge Hammer! #2, as seen in the following panel.

Here’s what the article has to say:

“The second issue, ‘Illegal Weapons’, starts with Spider-Man breaking into some woman’s apartment and starting a wrestling fight!

“There’s even a wrestling match on the TV in the background that just so happens to be commenting on moves that match up exactly with what is happening in the apartment!

“The fight gets out of control and the woman lunges for Spider-Man only to go flying off her balcony to fall to her death below. What I love about this is that the people in other apartments are cracking jokes as they see this woman falling to splatter on the pavement beneath them.”

Of course, it’s not the REAL Spider-Man, but frankly I don’t care – I just wanted to mention the rasslin’ reference.


Enough Warmth said...

The "humour" of "Sledge Hammer!" was brilliant and you are not. Your blog is worthless and not read by many.

Dann said...

Thanks for showing so much "warmth" in your post.