Monday, 30 July 2007

Slamwich in “Deep Fried: Suicide Note” #2

HE LOOKS like a wrestler, but is he a wrestler? That was the question I put to Deep Fried creator Jason Youngbluth.

I wrote and asked, “Is Slamwich a wrestling-themed character? This info is vitally important to me and I need to know NOW!!! Er…please.”

His reply? “Slamwich is not a wrestler per se. I just thought he looked good as a luchador.”

Okaaaaay then.

If you want Jason’s filthy, totally non-PC but hilarious Deep Fried: Suicide Note #2 – featuring The Death Of Beepo The Clown (and a preview of Weapon Brown: Blockhead’s War) e-mail him at, go to his web site at or write to Death Ray Media, PO Box 10446, Rochester, NY, 14610, USA. Tell him Dann the Mann sent ya! The ish is 32 A5 B&W pages and a BARGAIN at US$3!

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