Monday, 30 July 2007

"The Joint" in "Phatsville Comix" #11

THIS scatalogically inclined Aussie indy comic has a wrestling link with The Joint, a comix jam featuring "Phatsville's Phinest" (John Stewart, Ben Cee, Brett Weekes, Will Kelly, Giles and Corey Warren).
The six-page yarn starts off with "the most amazing wrestling match in Phatsville history" courtesy of the Wide World of Wrestling Fuckwits: The Muscle-Bound Beauty vs Logan The Bionic Bogan.
However, the two combatants immediately fall in lust with each other and head home to pull cones and do naughty things together.
However, their horizontal shenanigans lead to tragedy when Beauty's powerful vagina accidentally rips off Logan's penis. Despite his demise, his cock runs off shouting, "Ah yes, freedom at last!"
Sadly, his freedom is short-lived as he's beaten, raped and murdered by Scro & Tum, Phatsivlle's Teste Warriors in true Mike Diana gross-out style.
Um...yeah, as you can see the storyline degenerates from stupid to really stupid at this point.
Still, there's a wrestling connection at the start of the tale, so it gets a guernsey in this blog.

To order Phatsville #11, e-mail It cost me AUD$5 from Kings Comics in Sydney.

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