Monday, 30 July 2007

Google me pink!

TYPE in “wrestling comics” in Google and before you hit a bunch of kinky sex web sites and eBay auctions for Marvel’s shitty early 90s WCW comics, you’ll find the following sites of interest:

Thunder Girls isn’t just beefy babes wrestling each other for the DVD viewing pleasure of hundreds of lonely, middle-aged men. It’s also a line of wrestling comics starring the likes of Cheryl Rusa, Hollywood and Lady Victoria.

There are four Thunder Girls comix for sale at this site…if you’re interested in that sorta thing. Which I’m not. Um…sorta.

You can buy even more of these overpriced mags – like “Hair, Ref!” at the above site.

Mmeh…maybe you should just jump straight to the kinky sex web sites, eh?

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