Saturday, 28 July 2007

And speaking of “Super-Villain Team-Up”…

I BOUGHT the first issue of the new five-part miniseries MODOK’s 11 – an Ocean’s 11-style rip off starring A.I.M.’s favourite big-headed megalomaniac genius. Seems MODOK’s recruiting some minor villains to help him in some super-heist and one of the guys he pulls in is the awesome rassler Armadillo (who’ve I’ve written about in the past in BP).

He’s introduced in this issue in a spectacular two-page spread wrestling El Chupacabra (whose costume resembles Ultimo Dragon somewhat) somewhere in Mexico. It’s nice to see the big guy back in Marvel continuity, especially now that he’s broadened his ring style to include lucha libre. You’d never see Kane or Kevin Nash doing that. Clearly, the man’s talented – even though he is a super-villain. And he has the best finishing move ever!

I’ll be following this title closely, particularly if we get to see more in-the-ring action from the Armadillo.

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